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Routine Vision

Preventive care is vital to enhancing long term quality of life. Medicare eligible patients on certain health plans may qualify for a credit towards routine eye exams and eyewear. Call (210) 731-4864 for details.


Helpful Tidbit

Did you know that Glaucoma is the 2nd most common cause of legal blindness in the US and the leading cause among African Americans and Hispanics? 2.5 Million Americans have Glaucoma and half may be unaware.

You may be at risk if you answer yes to any of the following:
• Family History of Glaucoma
• African American or Hispanic
• Diabetic
• Previous retinal detachment
• Over 60
• Previous trauma
• Long term steroid use
• Nearsighted

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"I can't believe I got an annual eye exam and new glasses for such a small copay. That's unheard of these days."

-Paula E.