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Senior Care

Disease Management

HealthTexas Medical Group is known for its preventive healthcare approach to medicine. Once a disease is present, however, HealthTexas primary care doctors set the standard in educating and empowering our patients and their families to ensure the highest quality of life possible.

Diabetes Care

HealthTexas is one of the only primary care physician groups in the Greater San Antonio area to have an accredited Diabetes program recognized by the Diabetes Education Accreditation Program. This program is coordinated and managed by physicians and a Certified Diabetic Educator. Free classes and direction are given to our patients with Diabetes, with continued support and one-on-one efforts to help them enjoy a healthy, productive life.

Heart Disease Care

All of our physicians are highly skilled in managing and enhancing the quality of life with our patients who have heart disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and joint pain issues. Personalized care is provided to address the medical needs of each individual patient with ample time and effort set aside to explain treatment options and answer the questions of both patient and the extended family. We have found that proper medical care along with instruction and direction empower the patient to live an enhanced quality of life.

Senior Care Upcoming Events

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"I am so grateful for my HealthTexas doctor. He not only helps me with my disease but he provides additional support to make my life better than I thought it could be."

-Henrique P.